Noticed an increase in roadkills (dead cats by cars)

2021.12.02 07:22 739xks Noticed an increase in roadkills (dead cats by cars)

Hello people,
Idk if its normal or not, I've seen an increase in the number of roadkills -cats dying because of cars- on the highway,
Yesterday i saw 2, approximately 100 meters apart from each other, Last week i saw a few but i didn't notice Today i saw another one,
Anybody else noticing this increase? Is it because cats give birth around this time of the year?
God, it makes my heart ache
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2021.12.02 07:22 daimondhendz Europoor finally got the mail after almost 2 months. Will pay for express delivery for the code and then buy more directly through CS. I'm not a cat. But my cats are cats. 🚀🚀

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2021.12.02 07:22 Sure-Equal-926 Just found out that offline can see dislikes!

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2021.12.02 07:22 DementedApple5 Hi guys I recently did some cinematic videos in barcelona with FilmicPro and my iPhone 13 pro max, hope you like them!

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2021.12.02 07:22 radmansebay This is a referral link to BitcoinLegend. Join BitcoinLegend to get 10 BCL for free. Download it from Recommended code : 984p7g1k1hr

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2021.12.02 07:22 HiHelloMarhaba Realistic answers only!

Hey y’all! Aside from the search results found online, how much do you actually need to make per month to live a decent life in Dubai? I’m talking about living in a 1BR by yourself in an area like Marina or JBR, and going out every weekend, eating healthy food, pay for boxing/music lessons, save some $, and overall live comfortably.
I’ve never got a realistic answer; it’s always way too low or way too high.
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2021.12.02 07:22 TopAir1689 Amoled Mystery

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2021.12.02 07:22 dtp40k Blips - the best advantage we have & how to use them properly

Hey again,
Let's have a deeper look into Blips.
I've seen a few videos and a few discussions around blips and deployment in general, and how it doesn't matter what the opponent does, they'll deploy their blips in the same way each time. Whilst this can be correct, it's not that simple and if you want to push your win rates higher, you need to think about blip placement in a little more deeper details.
Today I will explain how I see blips as a function, how you can use them to prevent alpha strikes and how you can squeeze that little bit of extra efficiency out of blips to
For what it's worth, some leaks have said we'll retain blips, some have said we'll lose them. Blips are incredibly powerful and losing them can drop our ability to survive alpha strikes, reposition and overall general approach to games. So with this, I'm writing under the impression we'll retain them, and we'll just have to explore a different way to deploy, together, if we lose blips.
What makes blips good? 1. Keeping your opponents guessing
You may have heard a lot of the top players say "games are won and lost in deployment" and this is exactly true. Being able to combine your game plan, with setting the right units up and waste your opponents key resources is a very strong mix.
Keeping your opponents guessing messes with their game plan. Throughout deployment they're creating what they need to do in the first few turns, or even their entire 5 turn game plan and how they're going to win. They may be analysing your resources and thinking I'll need to put X here to remove A, or i'll put Y here to reinforce the game plan down this side.
Thanks to blips, you can counter this process and disrupt their game plan - it creates both a points and a psychological advantage.
For example, your opponent may put meltas down one side, and you've put blips everywhere. You can quite easily force redundancy on that side by not getting anything out that meltas are strong into, such as trucks. Instead you could get out 10 acolytes, or 5 acolytes and suddenly their power is diminished.
Maybe the opponent has put their fight last unit in one particular area? Well you can pop up a truck with metamorph whips to counter it.
Keeping your opponent guessing and forcing them to change up their game plan during their turn gives you a significant edge.
2. Denying Alpha strike
When ad mech was in it's highest form of oppression this edition, this army was a huge problem for the majority of the player base. Their planes could fly forward and decimate units, whilst being ridiculously difficult to kill thanks to their -1 to hit, -1D and +1 to saves vs D1 + cover save turn 1. They were monsters.
However in 6 attempts, I've never lost to ad mech in a tournament. Why?
Opponents cannot come within 9" of a blip during their movement. Plane bases tend to be 3.5", and so if you place a blip, they cannot come within 12". This means 2 blips can be 21" away from each other and no plane can come near. With the right placement & terrain, this means important units cannot be shot.
For example:
I have 6 Hive guard in my ruin. They're pivotal to my game plan and so I need to protect them. As it stands, a plane (lets pretend it's a wazzbombullsh**) can just fly down, unload their package right onto the face of my HG and i just lost 270pts for nothing.
However, I can screen this unit out from ever shoot my HG:
Because of the Blips giving a 9" bubble, it cannot get a line of sight to my Hive guard - it's wing cannot rotate or it will be in violation of the rule (please excuse my poor paint skills, I dont have the scripts to show auras)
And so because of blips, turn 1 I've never had a plane shoot my important units. And the blip placements you can see are also thought out -> the back 2 blips can be characters and strung near a vehicle for protection, the front 3 visible can be moved for 1 CP and so most of my army is untouchable turn 1 from the plane.
This also works for protecting units, as I will explain below.
3. Bait & protecting units
Alpha strike doesn't just include shooting, but it can also include melee. It wasn't until a month ago when i played vs Ad mech who's Rust stalkers can charge me turn 1. I'd never come across this change before. However, luckily I employed a tactic I always throw in when I am not entirely sure of what I'm up against which i will explain below:
Scenario 2: You have Hive Guard again, and your opponent understands this unit has to die - they enable your army to create a points deficit and even touching them can cause me a delay throughout the game, so how do I keep them safe?
I do two things:
a) I put one blip in front of them by 1"
What this does, is it means the opponent cannot land within 9" of the blip (so 9.0001"), the blip is 1" wide and is 1" away from my Hive guard. This means that's an 11" charge and so the opponent has moved his units into a dangerous zone with the hopes to tie them in combat, but now the charge is very unrealistic.
b) It's very possible that maybe in a tournament i've had bad luck and I'm not feeling like I want to risk my exposure of my HG, maybe my opponent has +1 or 2" buff to their charge and I dont want to risk the game. In this event, I tend not to put my metamorphs with whips into a truck (gives me an extra blip) and instead when it comes to me revealing my blips, I will put out my metamorphs in a way that he cannot charge my hive guard without charging my metas. They fight on death and have whips so even if he kills them all, it's very possible my metas will kill his unit back - worst case scenario, all the metas die but he cannot consolidate due to the whip rule.
Whilst I lose my metas, it does allow me to shoot with my HG and they will get their points back.
Blips provide a lot to an army that has little to rely on defensively. However blips are not something to put down without any thought - they provide a big advantage and you need to put extra thought into how to overturn that advantage into a winning strategy.
Deploying with blips Let's go through the process of how I deploy with blips, in a step by step, to better understand how I see them work and maybe you may find some helpful advice etc.
I will use this Drukhari army as my example - I realise Drukhari is the boogey man for a lot of players and so winning in the deployment phase can help set the tone for the rest of the army.
For the purposes of this explanation, I will use my list found here, purely because it has high value units not in blips so i can show how to protect them or utilise them better:
1. Identify your opponents threats
It's importantly before you do anything, to understand what are your opponents threats and monitor where they are placed at all times
The important things to pick out are the: Drazhar, Incubi, Fight last Archon, Mortal wound Succubus. These will be going into a raider, but you need to keep tabs on them at all times.
A smart player is going to spread out his threats to create as much board pressure as possible.
2. Count out how many placements your opponent have & assess
Next thing I do is count out how many actions I need before placing down my important units such as my Hive Guard. In a lot of games, it's very telegraphed where i'll place my Hive guard - they don't want to be shot, so a big thick terrain piece without windows is their home. But they also do not want to be out of range for most of the board. The purpose of Hive Guard is to remove screens, objectives and transports, especially around objectives and so they need to be in a pivotal place to do that.
What I don't want, is to be out deployed either. So in some match ups, like mirrors, I don't want my HG to be counter deployed by my opponent, i.e moving theirs out of range, moving planes out of range, or key units such as raiders with their characters inside, out of range and so I tend to count how many blips I would need to put down, before I can put down my anti-everything unit.
In my list, I have 7 blips on the board, 1 neuro, 2 warrior squads before placing my hive guard, and my opponent has 12 units to put down, so I'm 2 behind. In this scenario i would most likely spend 1 CP for 3 extra blips as this gives me a better chance to not force my opponent to be out of range of my HG with everything, but also more opportunities to place down smart blip placements.
Admittedly as Drukhari are very passive turn 1, I do not need to go overboard but i do need to be wary of his trueborn, and Reavers so nothing gets shot turn 1.
3. Place down "truck" blips first
Sometimes it's really confusing to keep on top of all of the information - blips give away no information and it's always possible to forget what goes where. I tend to create a little group of blips, 1 group for trucks, one for characters & acolytes, 1 for "empties" in a way that isn't obvious.
The first blips i place down are my trucks. Especially in this match up. Truck blips need to be positioned in away that if i go second, they can be hidden, and if i go first, they can be pushed into places where I can prevent as much shooting as possible, but as many charge lanes as possible. As described in yesterdays article.
For example:
First things first: this is not the most optimum Drukhari raider deployment - i am not a Drukhari player, but I am using logical assumption that they'd want to be hidden, the big important raiders want to be 36" away from that middle L and the raiders who can pop -1 to be hit, want to be hidden from autocannons but still aggressive to push into the middle, ready for turn 2. Although i will say this, no smart player will put down raiders this early, I'm just using it as an example so please bear with me.
In regards to me, I often place blips in walls such as this - this allows me to put a truck either side of the wall and be protected or be aggressive. However, because of terrain and because of the army in front of me, I know right now my blip in the middle and the left offers protectin for both Ls for my hive guard, and the 2 blips on the right are either protected from Raiders shooting, or require the Raiders to be closer to get a shot off and so they are in range of where I would put my Hive Guard.
TLDR in this truck deployment i've thought about 3 things:

  1. How can i give my trucks an offensive and defensive position
  2. How can i screen out the areas I want to put HG later
  3. How can i force my opponent to come closer to shoot me and thus be in range of my Hive Guard, by using the terrain against them.
4. Place down characters & acolytes blips
Next I place down my characters & acolytes blips. These require attention on my opponents positioning and I start to consider which truck goes where. I rock generally 3 squads of 10 acolytes with saws & flamers, but also 1x 10 man Metamorph squad with whips. This is entirely to counter either Archon with fight last, or the raider with 10 incubi inside - fight last is very important to remove. I'm looking at the screen shot and I'm seeing Drazhar and 10 Incubi are on the right, and the archon is nearby the trueborn on the left.
Here it's important for me to be prepared for an assault on the right hand flank and so this is where my whips will be positioned. However I also need psychic support on this side as well. I will always reinforce the most dangerous side with my patriarch for his damage in melee but also his Might from Beyond buff for acolytes, but i also decided to put my magus on this side also. Why? Because by turn 2 I'm going to need to use Mass Hypnosis on either Drazhar, or on those incubi and force a fight last.
What I have done, is also look at my blips and considered my trucks positioning. Can i get both trucks into an aggressive positioning, and defensive? And if i do either, can i protect my Magus and Patriarch with Look out, sir? Knowing i can get out within 1", I have put both blips near the middle-right blip, ensuring they get full protection but are also within range of the truck to the far right, if I decided to position it defensively.
Losing your Magus and Patriarch early is a huge loss and always ensure their protection.
TLDR what i have done:
  1. Assessed where Drazhar and incubi have deployed
  2. Counter deployed them with my fight on death Metas
  3. Realised that trueborn and Archon are on the left and less likely to engage in melee, so I can use my full support of Magus and Patriarch to remove Drazhar & Incubi effectively
5. Place down the remaining blips
Ok so we paid for 3 extra blips, we're not going to use 3 extra blips.
Please note blip A - these are my 5 man acolytes. Why are they here? We mentioned earlier about thinking 3 turns ahead, well these 5 are going to do my turn 1 RoD, then next turn i will pay 1 CP to put them back into Deepstrike to be used as a Lying in Wait a turn later. On the opposite side I will have 3 warriors on the left to be able to do RoD either turn 2, or turn 4/5, 3 in the middle (which will be wrapping my Hive guard because whips and as we mentioned, they're a good screen due to no consolidation)
Now I have put down the 3 blips (the ones with the circles).
Why so out in the open?
Well the opponent is Drukhari, he isn't charging turn 1 if he goes first and has limited shooting outside of his trueborn & Reavers, who have limited range and have a positioning decision to make. So he either he to go aggressive, or be defensive.
Right now the blip on the left and in the middle are taking advantage of the placed terrain, measurements of his Raiders movement and gives me options. If his trueborn move to the ruin directly below them, then the blip on the left gives me an aggressive positioning for a truck, basically an extra 1", but it also tells him I am able to deploy there so he needs to consider that also. The blip in the middle allows me to be more aggressive if he does put 1 trueborn raider into the ruins, as it is blocked by line of sight. These 2 blips give me a little bit extra positioning power but also gives him more diluted information to make his decision.
The 3rd blip gives me more positioning for an acolyte truck to move onto the objective straight ahead, if the far right blips force his raiders to tunnel down that flank.
Essentially from looking at the board, those 3 blips can either force him to be defensive, split up his raiders so he can cover all parts of where I may position, or tunnel down a particular shooting lane. Either way it allows me to assess what he does and plan better - most likely pounce on a mistake in the decision he's forced to make.
6. Measure & place down Tyranids
Last but not least, we have the Hive Guard to position.
We can see here I have put the warriors in front of the HG, the HG are more than 10" away from being charged, and are in range of something turn 1. Most importantly, 1 unit is positioned to be in range to support either flank and one is set on thinning down the left hand flank where all the shooting power is. Popping transports is key in this match up and getting rid of anti truck power asap creates longevity for trucks.
I hope this helps. I understand the Drukhari deployment is shocking, I put less thought into that and wanted to display how you can put more thought and strategy into your blips, based on how your opponent deploys and essentially counter them. Right now if I went first, this opponent is doomed. (but then I'm biased because I set them up that way, oops)
Deploying and playing on GW / LVO terrain This was mentioned recently that a lot of examples are using WTC terrain - this mostly due to it being easier to see on a screen and not because WTC terrain makes it easier to play. In some ways it does but the scoring system massively offsets any advantages set by the terrain.
I understand a lot of players are interested in the GW set up and how to better play on these maps.
I've found a GW terrain map on TTS and I am in a TTS tournament using said maps. I will document this and write up an article specifically on these maps in the next week. Is this something you may find beneficial?
  1. Put more thought into blips - they are incredibly strong and you can take them even furthe
  2. Always know your biggest threats, where they deploy and counter deploy accordingl
  3. You can screen alpha strikes easily
Thank you for reading, I hope it helps. I really hope we get some reveals this week and blips will be kept, it's such a big advantage and strategy of the army and fingers crossed we retain that.
Throw in any suggestions/feedback in the comments below.
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2021.12.02 07:22 thicklypaintedwalls thickly painted walls - experimental guitars

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2021.12.02 07:22 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Covid jab factory gets £400m expansion boost | Telegraph

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2021.12.02 07:22 Familiar-Equal1805 Man changing car tyre in highway gets slammed by speeding car

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2021.12.02 07:22 MyCousinSentThis My deafen is on but I can hear anyone who's cam is on.

I use the discord site. I have no extensions but I have script that changes my theme (background, text color and stuff like that). I tried reloading but it still happens. It doesn't really bother me that much, but I want to hear if someone has the same bug.
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2021.12.02 07:22 red95max Who has the most level my or him

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2021.12.02 07:22 SidCrafter1125 I know it's messy but can my Mobo support a graphics card and if it can then can someone please suggest me a low cost one.

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2021.12.02 07:22 Standard_Amount_6372 One of my fav purchases ever :)

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2021.12.02 07:22 LoKey245 A question about the latest chapters

Is the baby literal or just a metaphor? If it is only a metaphor, what does it symbolise?
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2021.12.02 07:22 Smooth-Evening2083 Where can i watch season 9-11?

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2021.12.02 07:22 firemaster94 Moving into a new house. What should I do about gas and electric?

First time buyer and I initially signed us up for Scottish Power on a 2 year fixed term. We are still in the 14 day cooling off period so can cancel without fees.
I feel our Scottish Power tariffs are way too high (8.3p for gas and 28.805p for electricity per kWh). However, I'm struggling to find anything better.
My understanding is that we shouldn't expect to be hit by an April price cap rise as we are on a fixed term. But they seem to have already priced us at more than double the national average for Power?
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2021.12.02 07:22 EchoXScharfschutze In response to u/KragnothOSRS… I WAS SO CLOSE, DAMMIT GPF

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2021.12.02 07:22 kiselevkd Hello, players, need help.

Hello! Most recently, I got banned for a year in Dota 2, for cheating in matchmaking. I can assure you that I didn't give my account to anyone, it was just hacked. Screenshots of hacking and unsuccessful communication with steam support are attached. I have never cheated or carried out any manipulations to achieve victories, as indicated by my win rate: 47-48%. I want to note that a lot of money and time was invested in the account. I hope that my question will be resolved, because I have been a regular customer since the beta testing of the game began. Thanks!
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2021.12.02 07:22 ladyjazz9082 Anyone else having problems getting the Ebony Blade disappearing from the weapon plaque in Hendraheim? I stored it on the plaque and I came back to put armor on the mannequins and it was gone and I couldn’t find it. Is there anyway to get it back?

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2021.12.02 07:22 heath161230 A confession

She looks at all the ironic meme lords and thinks to herself:
/uj that she hopes she reached someone. She hopes she saved someone with her jokes, with her remarks, with her tears. She hopes she became something, something that wasn’t there when she was lost, when she was broken, when she was bleeding alone.
She smiles to herself as a tear rolls down her cheek, as she thinks what she was… compared to what she is now. She thinks about how she hopes to help others though that pain that unites us all.
She knows she is incomplete, she knows she is at best a misfit toy. However she remembers something… she is in the land of misfit toys… and she is not alone. She is not separated by gender… or lack thereof. She is not separated by sex… or more than one. She is not separated by Anything, she is unified with those that are part of her community, and not.
As she thinks to herself, That as a single person hope that one thing is true: we can laugh together, we can cry together, and we can support one another. While we may collapse under the pain by ourselves, we will not do so. We are not alone and misery loves company… so why not join the parade?
/actual uj I love all of you, as a friend and as a family. We may joke about our pain, we may even believe it. But through one another we support each other. We can’t do it on our own, but if all of us holding another up, none of us will fall. Lean on me as I will lean on you though a wall of text, and a biting joke of which you will sarcastically reply in return.
Someone who has grown to love this sub.
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2021.12.02 07:22 Tyrone39 Going to an Italian restaurant hoping for an authentic carbonara and just getting spaghetti with cream

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2021.12.02 07:22 TX908 Athens

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